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Your protein bites are safe and delicious to eat for 5 days outside of the fridge at room temperature. In other words, you can eat your unrefrigerated protein bites for seven days without any concerns.

You can still eat your protein bites:

-If you leave them in your car from the morning to lunch.

-If you leave them in your car overnight.

-If a whole box was stored in the pantry for two daysIf you order online and the package arrives while you’re away for a long weekend (not recommended in summer months)

Bites held in warm conditions for longer periods of time will cause them to spoil.It is highly recommended to freeze bites before taking them on travel or for occasions where they will be held at room temperature for several days.

This answer is a bit subjective. From a health and tastiness perspective, we advise taking your protein bites out of the fridge and eating them within a couple hours. If you can wait that long, you’ll enjoy a cookie dough-like texture and the perfect crunch from the nuts. We love to freeze ours! It takes about 30 minutes to defrost after pulling them out of the freezer!

We do not advise eating your protein bites after the recommended one week, but you won’t get sick if you do. If bites are held outside of a refrigerated space (longer than 5 days) or hot warm temperatures for a prolonged period of time (48 hours) this can cause the bites to mold. Your protein bites are still good to eat for up to 5 days without refrigeration.

Your protein bites are good for five days out of the fridge! If you’re heading out on vacation or a long weekend retreat, your favorite protein bites will remain fresh and fuel you to keep you moving.

Fueled by AF’s protein bites are made with only organic ingredients and refrigeration is necessary for the natural preservatives. Because we don’t use artificial additives or preservatives, our protein bites need the cold of refrigeration to stay fresh. Our protein bites are fresh from the fridge and on the go. When you are not on the go, be sure to keep them in the refrigerator.

When you are on the move, pack your protein bites and adventure on – they will taste great for up to seven days at room temperature.

You can enjoy these bites with your morning coffee, after a workout, or even for dessert!

These protein bites can be enjoyed in any situation, especially if you have a sweet tooth. Break these sweet treats over yogurt or your smoothie bowl!

We deep freeze our bites to -10 degree right after producing them, then they are packaged in heat sealed bags to ensure freshness. From there the bites shipped (2-3 days depending on location and performance from the shopping company).

When bites are delivered we recommend placing them in the refrigerator immediately.

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